Volunteers Needed


It’s a little over two years since the Continuo Community was founded. We’re growing and being welcomed as a supporter and promoter of chamber music in Victoria. And we’ve already commissioned two new works, the first of which will be premiered in December.

In order to keep growing, and to keep up the good work, we could use some help. If you like what we do, and have some time to spare, here are the roles we’d like to fill:

    Regular, to check the newsletter before it goes out on Wednesdays, OR
    Occasional to check additions to the website for accuracy
    If you’re comfortable with Facebook, Instagram or X (Twitter) we’d love to have you help us put up more posts, more often
    Spread the word to family, friends, and complete strangers sitting beside you in concerts. Distribute flyers about Continuo.

Volunteers who become regular helpers will be given free membership of Continuo.

Interested? Please click on the button below to drop us a line. Doing so is not a commitment, just an enquiry!