Flinders Quartet + Sellars: Beach, Cawrse & Dvořák


Flinders Quartet are joined by guest violinist Elizabeth Sellars. AMY BEACH String Quartet, Op. 89 ANNE CAWRSE “in spaces between” ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK String Quartet No. 13 in G major, Op.106 Filmed in Primrose Potter Salon. Free to watch once. Subscribe to FQ digital to watch on demand. Create an FQ Digital account to do either. ... Read more


Flinders Quartet: Maconchy & Beethoven


"The chance to play one of Beethoven’s incomparable Op. 59 Razumovsky quartets, named after their commissioner, Count Razumovsky, the Russian Ambassador in Vienna, is something akin to a religious experience for quartet players, such is the consummate artistry of Beethoven in his middle period. I’m excited to pair Maconchy’s Quartet No. 5 with Beethoven’s Opus 59. ... Read more

Flinders Quartet: Shostakovich, Grenfell & Smetana


MUSICAL PORTRAITS Shostakovich’s incredibly powerful String Quartet No.8 was officially dedicated ‘to the memory of the victims of fascism and war’ but there is much to suggest that Shostakovich meant it as a musical self-portrait. Smetana’s String Quartet No.1 ‘From My Life’ is a different type of musical portrait, taking us on a vivid, programmatic ... Read more