Duo De Fesch: Philidor, Caix D’Hervelois, Dornel & De Fesch


Saxophone and Harpsichord aren’t instruments normally paired together in a concert of eighteenth century music. This exquisite combination highlights the expressiveness of saxophone and how well it fits in with the baroque style associated with more traditional wind instruments such as oboe or flute.

Under Niels Bijl's musical mastery the more subtle capabilities of the saxophone emerge. This blend of instruments then, works together very well especially pairing with the expert hands of Peter Hagen on harpsichord. Peter, an expert in baroque music, says that composers often were not too fussy about which instruments were used to perform their music. This makes an excellent reason to perform this music on any instruments to hand, as the music in the programme deserves to be frequently played.

Be prepared to be delighted by the melodious and graceful tunes of the French baroque as presented by these two talented musicians.

Duo De Fesch gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Western Riverina Arts.

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