Songmakers Australia: Schubert


Songmakers Australia celebrate 200 years of Die schöne Müllerin (The Fair Maid of the Mill), a song cycle based on 20 poems written by Wilhem Müller.

‘I feel myself to be the most unhappy and wretched creature in the world. Imagine a man whose health will never be right again, and who in sheer despair over this ever makes things worse and worse, instead of better; imagine a man, I say, whose most brilliant hopes have perished, to whom the happiness of love and friendship have nothing to offer but pain… My peace is gone, my heart is sore, I shall find it never and nevermore… I may well sing now, for each night, on retiring to bed, I hope I may not wake again…’ With these poignant words Schubert described his state of mind after writing Die schöne Müllerin.

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Songmakers Australia: Wagner, Fauré, du Boscq & Deparc


Mezzo-soprano Christina Wilson and pianist Andrea Katz present a program of music and text by 2 of the most influential artists of the Romantic Era in Europe.
The program includes Wagner’s beautiful Wesendonck Lieder and songs on poems by Baudelaire by Fauré, du Boscq and Duparc.

Ticket price includes drinks & refreshments after the concert.

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