Sean Quinn

Described as ‘protean’ (Marc Yeats), ‘innovative, thorough, precise and imaginative’ (Richard Haynes), Sean Quinn is a composer, vocalist, and writer based between Melbourne and Berlin. More recently, his practices revolve around processes of accumulation and communication in composition; growing, extracting, learning, adapting; expanding upon itself from one form to the next while retaining a semblance of its past self. The body and its complexities are also key points of inspiration in his ongoing practice as a composer and performer.

Sean has worked in solo, electroacoustic, chamber and orchestral spaces during his career, proving to be an active and ‘formidable’ (Sounds Like Sydney) member of the national and international contemporary music scene. Many holds close collaborative partnerships with many internationally renowned performers, including clarinetist Richard Haynes (CH), flutist Eric Lamb (USA/OS), , institut .abeceda (SL), and has been commissioned with groups Ensemble Offspring (AU) soloists of Ensemble Musikfabrik and Studio Musikfabrik (DE) amongst others.