Robert McIntyre

Described as ‘strikingly contemporary’ (Limelight), Robert McIntyre (he/him) is an award-winning Australian composer & flautist who draws from personal experiences, nature and important causes as potential frameworks, in order to create an atmosphere of discussion and reflection. He is a composer who finds, collects and brings awareness to moments, holding space for them to achieve a multi-faceted sense of visibility.

McIntyre is influenced by classical-contemporary music, post-minimalism, classical-crossover and film/soundtrack music, and is inspired by the likes of Katy Abbott, Stuart Greenbaum, Thomas Newman, John Adams, Olafur Arnalds, Anne Cawrse and Joe Hisaishi to name a few. He is also published in ‘Take Note: Interviews with Australian Composers’ edited by musicologist Madeline Roycroft, for his co-interview, alongside Laura Abraham, of Professor Stuart Greenbaum. He has interned with Syzygy Ensemble and currently is working for composer Dr. Katy Abbott as a composer’s assistant. He is co-artistic director and flautist of Aether Duo with pianist-composer Sam Williams, focused on the delivery of new and existing Australian flute and piano repertoire. Currently, McIntyre casually studies ad hoc under Katy Abbott, Anne Cawrse, Caerwen Martin and Ella Macens.