Would you like to become a patron of chamber music? Here are the many ways you can assist:

Via Continuo

  • Support the Continuo Community by becoming a financial member. Your $45 annual fee will help us to keep providing you with news and information. We plan to offer members-only events and other inducements in the future.
  • Join a Continuo Community Circle. Circles will be created from time to time to raise funds for a particular performance or to commission new works. Continuo Community Inc has Deductible Gift Recipient status- all contributions to a fund-raising Circle are fully tax-deductible.
Support performance directly:
  • Buy tickets to concerts, even if you fear they might be cancelled
  • If they are cancelled, don’t ask for a refund, donate your ticket money
  • If you aren’t comfortable going into a concert hall, watch and listen to streamed concerts at home

Contribute to other organisations’ fundraising activities:

We maintain a list current fund-raising initiatives such as crowd-funding, Australian Cultural Fund projects, etc, focussing on those involving Victorian musicians and composers. Find ways in which your donation, large or small, can assist something that appeals to you. Click on one of the buttons below to see the lists of opportunities.

Are you a Victorian ensemble or composer with a fundraising project we don’t know about? Please email us with the details.