Continuo Composer 2023 - Melody Eötvös

We’re delighted to announce that the Continuo Composer for 2023 is Melody Eötvös. She will compose a work for the Quercus Trio.

We would like to thank our esteemed panel, Mary Finsterer, Stuart Greenbaum and David Griffiths, for their time and thoughtful consideration of each submission. The Panel were very impressed by the number and quality of the submissions we received in 2023 and felt that all of the proposals were worthy of consideration.

We would also like to acknowledge the support of our second Continuo Commissioning Circle. Their generosity will provide the opportunity for Melody to add to the growing collection of horn trios written by Australian composers, many of which Quercus Trio have recorded on their ABC album.

Melody Eötvös is a composer of Contemporary Classical music, both in the realms of traditional instrumental music as well as electro-acoustic sound art. She has lived and studied in Australia, the UK, and the USA, and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.

Eötvös is currently a Senior Lecturer of Music at the Melbourne Conservaotrium of Music, University of Melbourne, Australia.

You can read more about Melody’s background in the Composers section of our Who’s Who.

About the Commission

Here’s what Melody wrote in her winning submission:

“I propose to write Quercus Trio a 15-20min work that embodies the metaphor of the oak tree as it grows and takes on the Australian soil and air, thriving and becoming a part of its environment. This work will be generated from the philosophy at the core of this unique and remarkable ensemble. True oak trees aren’t native to Australia. ‘An acorn grows its roots deep into Australian soil and becomes an oak tree, wholly itself and of the place where it stands, whilst still being connected to its European origins and genus.’ – Quercus Trio

“I love to grow plants that thrive in the given climate and environment, very much in opposition to those who force them to try and grow where they can’t and shouldn’t. So, when talking to Carla Blackwood (French Horn) about this project I felt an immediate and deep affinity with Quercus Trio. As a child of an immigrant, the metaphor of how the oak grows in Australia has another very particular connection to me – through my Hungarian ancestry. I have a now distant and invisible connection to my European ancestry, and while I know that’s where my people once lived and thrived, it’s not at all a part of my life – I don’t speak the language, I’ve never set foot in Hungary, and my father (the last link) has passed away. As a result, it feels like my Australian identity has become stronger, even though my origins can be traced back to somewhere else.”