Clinch Saxophone Quartet

One of the long standing members of the original Peter Clinch Saxophone Quartet was saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lecturer Lachlan Davidson. Early 2020 Lachlan came in contact with two outstanding Victorian performing artists: baritone specialist Sara Ann Beale and alto saxophonist Martin Hemingway. Two exceptional saxophonists and lecturers, trained in the superb tradition Peter Clinch had set up at Melbourne’s VCA, two young people who had already set up a colourful and inspired career of teaching and playing in many genres (classical, contemporary, folk-music, funk). The fourth member was an absolute newcomer to the scene: Dutch tenor saxophonist Niels Bijl. Member of the world famous Aurelia Saxophone Quartet for 17 years, with an international career as a performing artist, spanning 20 years and 4 continents, and a brand new resident of Victoria since January 1st 2020.