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Partridge or Phoenix?

Continuo is the Concert Champion for the up-coming Musica Viva concert on 5 March. We asked the performers, the Partridge Quartet, what was in a name, and here’s what they told us…

“Partridge formed in 2016 back when we met as students at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM). We began as a string quintet, assigned to play none other than Schubert’s C Major Quintet with two cellos, one of the most beloved chamber music works ever written. After Aly Partridge, who was one of the two cellists, graduated, the remaining four of us who decided to continue as a quartet found ourselves referring to the group as the Partridge String Quartet in her honour and before we knew it, the name had stuck! We went on to be invited to play in festivals and also competed in competitions after our time at ANAM and realised that each of us was willing to invest a large part of our lives into the quartet. The past couple of years threw us challenge after challenge and demanded us to adapt in ways we never knew we would have to. We were stuck in various parts of the world and needing to think of ways to keep going. However, with the huge help of several people and organisations including Musica Viva, over that time we were able to prove to ourselves that every struggle was worth it. Our essence and mission as an ensemble remained and even became stronger as our desire to go back to what we loved only grew over time. 

Now, a resurrected Partridge String Quartet returns! Finally able to rehearse hard and show what we love doing in front of beloved Melbourne audiences once again. It’s a full circle moment for us as our first performance back will be of the very first piece the Partridge String Quartet ever tackled and grew to love as a group – Schubert’s C major string quintet. We’re full of excitement and enthusiasm and hope this reunion concert will propel us into a busy season of chamber music!”

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