A renewed National Cultural Policy – Submissions invited

The Hon Tony Burke MP
Minister for the Arts

“The new Labor Government is consulting with artists and creators across Australia as they develop a new National Cultural Policy that they hope will bring drive, direction and vision back to the arts industry.

Creative Australia is to be be used as the starting point for an updated National Cultural Policy that Minister Tony Burke intends to deliver before the end of the year.

The official consultation process began on 1 July with the launch of a new website where any Australian with an interest in arts, entertainment and culture can make a written submission.

The government will also host a series of town hall meetings in every state and territory – starting in Hobart on Wednesday, July 6 – so they can hear directly from artists in every corner of Australia about what they need.”

Media Release 1 July 2022

No doubt there will be people making submissions insisting that AFL football is “culture” or “entertainment”. And other much more legitimate forms of art and culture will be actively seeking more support.

If you think that chamber music won’t get the recognition it deserves, then you have the opportunity change that. In this post-pandemic world of tight budgets, there will never be enough money to go round. If you have an idea about how money could best be spent to support chamber music, please consider making a submission. It could just make a difference.